My hyperemesis medicine helps but makes me twice as tired so I’ve been dead for like 2 months straight but I swear, I don’t know if it’s because my size, but I swear I could feel my baby the last few days. It’s the oddest feeling, and I’m trying not to get too hype so I’m not really crying over my uterus stretching or intestinal bubbles lmao

Thought i would love having boobs
Bras for big boobs hurt
This shit is like carving into my ribs

yo, little baby fig in my womb, if you love mommy you’ll give her hella booty, hips, thighs and boobies with the prego weight and breastfeed all the calories off my stomach and not give me any stretchmarks k

i mean, you got me tricked into drinking nasty ass dr pepper and got me eating plain pasta with butter ok

you ruined baked potatoes and frosties for me ok it’s the least you could do

excited to scalpel my lobes mang